1. Boy Met A Girl

From the recording Love Is The Way

Vocal, BGVs - Joey McGee
Acoustic Guitars - Joey McGee
Cello - Kyle O'Connor


boy met a girl
a very beautiful girl
and even though
he couldn't quite explain it
she was the one
she was a dream
an awesome inspiring dream
she was the moon and the stars
and bright shining sun

and oh, the feeling
when you've finally found the one
who's the missing piece of your puzzle
and the lyric to your song
when boy met a girl

they were in love
a sweet kind of love
girl, take my hand in yours
and walk with me
girl, she agreed
'cause i can surely see
that you and me, boy
were meant to be one

and oh, the feeling
when you're finally face the face
with the one whom you've longed for
in your carefree embrace

when boy met a girl
when boy met a girl
boy met a girl