El Camino Real

Joey McGee

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CD of Joey's fifth release "El Camino Real."

El Camino Real de los Tejas is on an old, well-worn road anchored by Louisiana on one end and old Mexico on the other. Once known as “The King’s Highway,” this thoroughfare springs from Louisiana’s west central side, arcs downward through the Brazos Valley, winding southwesterly through the Texas Hill Country, until it ultimately rests in Mexico City. I find it uncanny how the road parallels my life’s journey.

The songs on El Camino Real capture the hopes, disappointments, discoveries, and goodnesses I’ve experienced on my own “royal road.” As you journey onward, may you discover truths that set you free, good friends who stick closer than family, and revelations of love and life that leave you reeling with the beauty of mystery, and with a hope that inspires a continual child-like curiosity.

Much peace and love to you, - Joey McGee

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