Love Is The Way

Joey McGee

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MUSIC is language. Transcending the mind and moving stealthily beyond intellect, it strikes the heart and renders you senseless, catapulting you to plains of euphoria and arresting you in realms of another world. I LOVE MUSIC. It has been a friend in dark hours, a sage to my ignorance, arevealer of truths, an exposer of lies, a brother in the call to war, a sister speaking peace to my anxiety.

MY HOPE is that these songs bless you as music has me. May you be filled with peace; may your lies be exposed; may your truths be revealed; may you live; may you laugh; may you long. Ultimately, I hope you learn to live a life of love - Love Is The Way!

LOVE & THANKS TO: Elohim, for grace, mercy and guidance; Christine, for love, growth, friendship and learning; Steve Carr – you da man! You really are a master musician and engineer! Shirley Carr, for putting up with noisy late nights; Michael Holleman, Skot Jakubiec, Randy Watkins, Billy Hue, Karl Rehn, & Kyle O’Connor - Wow - I’m blessed to have worked with such awesome musicians! Randy & Greta Watkins, for introducing me to the art community in the Brazos Valley; Greg Tivis, for connection, encouragement and just awesome playing! Tim & Kristin Douglass - for awesome photos and conversations; Heather Morrison, your creativity rocks! Adam Saenz, Jacob Kail, Mark Douglass, Shawn McGee for coffees, cigars, conversations, and encouragements; Restorative Dreams, Douglass Gathering, & Community Church for deconstruction, healing . . . and being groovily weird! Pittsburgh & Ohio Families and Friends - you are loved and missed; Those Whose Names I Missed - I am sincerely sorry, but I love and thank you; YOU who are reading this and bought the CD - THANK YOU!

Peace, Love, and Groove! Joey McGee

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