1. Tip My Tip Jar

From the recording Fades To Sun

When you're starting off as a songwriter, there are many opportunities offered to you to perform where you're paid - not in cold-hard cash, but in warm cups of coffee! I wrote this song inspired by such caffeinated events!


Man I been working here for hours
And now I'm feeling insane
'Cause I'm all juked up
On coffee and cream
You see I work here
And the coffee is free
But if I'm gonna get paid
Well, that's up to me

So tip my tip jar man
Tip my tip jar man
Well I'm trying to make a living
Just as best as I can
So do me a favor . . . and tip my tip jar man

Well there's people out there
Who think that life is a joke
And they tip my jar in the form of a note
They say if you cross the road
Man you'd better look twice
And don't you walk down the alley
Alone at night
And further more
you better keep your day job
'Cause these songs that you're singing
Enough to make me sob
So tip my tip jar man

It took me three hours
just to get into town
It took me two more
just to check the sound
It took one hour
To fix the flat on my truck
And I got two hours left
With a little bit of luck
Tomorrow night I get to do it all again
I think you understand
That's why I sing tip my tip jar man