Fades To Sun

Joey McGee

THESE DAYS I’m practicing being more thankful. I’m thankful for good health, clean water, hot showers, robust coffee, my faithful 5-speed pickup, peace, love. I am no Pollyanna: I’ve known the dread of darkness. It makes me very grateful for the light.

MUCH LOVE AND THANKS TO: GOD through whom all blessings flow; Christine for your grace and love – let’s continually dream wild dreams together; THE AWESOME ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS WHO HELPED - Steve Carr (production, bass, guitars, percussion) you’re awesome - what say we do this again; Michael Holleman & Chris Hollar (drums) your skillz are enviable; Karl Rhen (keys, organ) dude, you are just genius; Greg Tivis (trumpet) your musicianship and work ethic are inspiring; Kyle O’Connor (cello) and JP Shafer (mandolin) thanks for the magical spice of your strings; Tim “Dr. E” Elliott (blues harp) do you really need that day job; Adam Saenz (percussion) gracias hermano – live to cool; Mark Skinner (design & layout) for this awesome layout – this ROCKS; Greta Watkins (artist) thanks the invitation to be a part of your portrait project . . . I think I can hold my smile for the whole session!; GROOVY PEOPLES - Steve & Shirley Carr for being simply awesome; Lou Saenz, Jacob Kail, & Mark Brewer for sanity and inspiration; Randy & Greta Watkins for your friendship; The Lee, Douglass & Restorative Dream Groups for truly believing; Kevin Still & The Cuss n Spit Crew for keeping it real; Arts Council of Brazos Valley, KEOS Radio Crew, Veritas, Village Café - for allowing space for my music, My Friends and Family for being; TO YOU WHO BOUGHT THIS CD – THANK YOU!

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