1. Long Road Home

From the recording Terlingua Taproot

Home is where the heart is, and there is no place like it. From Joey's 2017 release, Terlingua Taproot


3am, Friday night, too tired for sleep
Whiskeytown playing on my radio
Singing “Inn Town” and “Turn Around” I'm in so deep
Tossing and a turning, thinking on the things that you said

Driving these towns, burning down the highway lines
Counting down the miles, counting just to kill the time
And I can see a ray of hope on the horizon line
Just a few minutes and it's gonna be sunshine

And you, you just keep a calln'
these thoughts, won't leave me alone
And you, yeah you've got me just a wanting / these miles to end / on the long road home

And I know where my treasure lies
It’s found in you
You cleared the fog of all my lies
This heart is yours

Memories flooding in with every mile
You and me taking on the town in style
And we're burning down that dance floor with these two-step moves
Dancing down the night, dancing just to kill the blues
And you . . .