1. I'm Gone

From the recording Terlingua Taproot

Co-write with Pennsylvania-based songwriter John Eric McNeil.


Did you see it silhouetted in the sky
November moon reflected in your eye
Old dreams come they pull you from inside
Just look at me so scared of falling from your side
Where is that summer train we followed down the tracks
All those years you can’t take back
Now I’m tired of guessing right between wrong
I’ve been here so long I’m gone…I’m gone

In the winds of Oklahoma so I’m told
There are ghosts she said of Indians so very old
Their spirits blow across the Plains you hear them cry
‘Cause if you’ve loved enough they say you will never die
Where is that summer rain that fell and washed us clean
The child’s rainbow we’ve all seen
Don’t know what it is makes love feel so strong
But I’ve been here so long I’m gone…I’m gone