From the recording Terlingua Taproot

Wisdom passed on just before passing on. From Joey's 2017 release, Terlingua Taproot


Son, come a little closer
A little closer by my side
Boy my time has come
Son, we all gonna die
And if you call yourself a wise man
Listen to my advice
Just go ahead on and do what I say
There’s no need to think twice - don't think twice

And he went riding across the Jordan
He sailed along the celestial sea
He went right across the water
And sailed into eternity

Son, walk the path of a good man
Don't you be nobody's fool
'Cause what you plant you'll surely harvest
Don't forget them Golden Rules
And if you chance to find true love, Boy
Do your best to hold on tight
Don't fall for the old fable
Of greener grass on the other side

Take care of business while you can
And if you hate another man
My Son, lay down your pride
These lessons learned now that I'm older
Have left this heart a little less colder
Are you listening Boy here by my side

'Cause we all ride across the Jordan
We all sail along the sea
We all ride across the water
And sail into eternity
And everyone that has been born here
Will one day ride along the shore
When we all ride across the Jordan
And give an account for what we've been living for