1. It's Alright

From the recording Terlingua Taproot

In spite of all its idiosyncrasies, life is pretty good when you take a good look around. From Joey's 2017 release, Terlingua Taproot


If I was a smarter man
I would‘ve made a better plan
One that I could understand - but hey
I prob’ly wouldn’t be here
With all this goodness so near
So I look around, smile remove my frown
And say it’s alright, yeah it’s alright

If I was a braver then
I probly woulda took a stand
Even though he was a big ole boy . . but hey
We all reap what we sow
Karma come around knockin’ at your door
So I look around, see what’s goin’ down
And say it’s alright, yeah it’s alright

The sun is shining on these shades of gray
And I can see blue skies even when it rains
Healing comes when you been through pain
And circumstance always gonna change

Don’t have a lotta money
Don’t want a lotta fame
Man, I met me some good friends
Travelin’ on the way
I’m mindin’ my Ps & Qs
Crack a smile even with the blues
And I look around, even in this town
And say that it’s alright, yeah it’s alright