1. Not The Best

From the recording Terlingua Taproot

Life in all its brokeness is often replete with goodness. This is a song about my family . . . mainly the good stuff!


My old mom, she was a good old mom
Did the best that she could do
Raising two boys all by herself
In the world that can be cruel
What's a lady to do
Circumstance didn't make her plans
She told it what to do
Touched this world with her healing hands
Painting sunshine on the blues
She could make your smile come through
Well me I'm not the best at all in making old things new
But I can take this here guitar and share a little sunshine with you

My old man he was a good old man
Cooked a mean red bean and rice
Stirred up things in the kitchen
Sure knew how to use that spice
Yeah it's true . . . he sure knew a thing or two
Now me I'm not the best at all when it comes to making stew
But I can take this here guitar and cook up a little tune for you

We all got our blessings
In spite of circumstances
We all got that thing that we can do
No sense in comparing
It's better if we're sharing
I'll be me and you be you

Now my brother I think he got it all
It's enough to make you swear
Good looks, good at sports, good car, nice job
I don't think it's fair . . .yes it's true
He could share his charm with you
Now me I'm not the best when it comes to playing ball
I hope you can find some kind of healing in these songs
It might be best to go out to grab a bite or two
But I think it's best I must confess
If I simply played a song for you