1. 07 The Journey


The Journey
Well the journey begins
When we are all born
We emerge from the dark
And into the fold of our mother’s
Warm arms
It continues on
Around the age of ten
You’re running to the door
With a a big ole grin on your face
Mother trailing close behind
And she’s
That it’s only a matter of time
Until you’re gone
Into the world

Well a teenage boy
I was bucking rules
Thought that my parents
Were the biggest fools in life
That I had ever known
At the age of twenty one
A girl won my heart
I was heading for the door
For a brand new start in life
Mother trailing close behind
And she was
With the feeling
That soon her baby boy would be gone

To his journey into the world
As the ocean of life unfurled
Praying for a grace to carry on
For the storms of life
That would surely come
As he sailed his vessel
Across the waves of this journey
Into the world