Two Cents

I’ve come to understanding about myself that’s freeing . . . and just good to know: I need commitment. I need to have an obligation or a promise to keep in order to excel and get things done. This revelation…

KEOS Radio 89.1 FM

Hola Groovy Peoples! Peace to ya!

Here's a radio interview I had at KEOS 89.1 FM radio recently. 
I thought you might dig it!

Click here: KEOS Interview

I hope this note finds you well!
Peace, Love and Groove,

Mel Bay, Ozzy and A Dog Named Blue

Often I’m asked what kind of music I play. “Folk Rock Groove,” I usually respond - then I offer further explanation, responding to the oft-puzzled looks I get! What’s Folk Rock Groove? I’ll start at the beginning of things…

Laugh Today

I am especially glad of the divine gift of laughter:  it has made the world human and lovable, despite all its pain and wrong.  -- W.E.B. DuBois
This is one of my most favorite quotes and I woke up with…

Alien Jive Live @ The Frame Gallery

Soooo . . . One day I woke up with this idea in my head: a guy was having a conversation with this dude at a coffee shop who spoke this weird lingo: alien jive. I tried to explain the…

Sittin' Around With My Guitar ...

It's been a little over a month since I left my day job to pursue music full time. I've been asked on occasion, "Sooooo -  are you bored yet?" I answer that with a resolute smile - NOOOOOOOOOO! Man, I…

The Arena

Per my previous Super Bowl post, here is one of my favorite thoughts to ponder. This is from former US President Theodore Roosevelt.

It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong

King Solomon and the Super Bowl

Have you heard the bad news? Yes, it's true: The Pittsburgh Steelers did NOT win the Super Bowl. Drats and humbug! Oh well . . . life goes on!

As I watched my team go down against the Packers, I…


In some of the venues I perform these days, people don't give a flip what you're doing:

-- You just learned a hip new song that's taken you weeks to perfect!
    So what.

-- You have a new CD…