Wylde Soul Interview: Anatomy of an Album

Connection Conversation: The Anatomy of an Album with Joey McGee I first met Joey McGee several years ago when I began to haunt the Historical Downtown Scene in Bryan (Texas). I was sitting in a restaurant and heard this voice filled…

Maroon Weekly Interview

Exclusive Interview: Joey McGee By Amanda Boles on February 10, 2016
Joey McGee is a singer-songwriter with a sound like a mixing pot. His self-titled “folk rock groove” sound fuses gospel, jazz, and blues influences into a unique blend that shouts to be heard. Mostly performing…

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Happy Birthday to THE soul survivor, Bob Marley!
To celebrate, I'm giving away a download to my cover of his iconic, Redemption Song.
Click the picture or THIS LINK to download or listen!


A Poem - Audacity of Movement

when did hope die in you, you who were so full of brass and sulphur and flame? when did your fire cease?
when did the sickness enter your heart batter your dreams and leave you listless on…

A Poem "Whither It Goes"

This was written by the poet Nathan Brown.
I thought of it after a conversation I had with a friend about music. 
In it, she lamented the fact that after much training, she couldn't play piano without sheet music.…

Artist Interview: Anatomy of An Album 

At the end of December 2015, fellow artist and friend Miriam Rieck had a conversation with me about art, music and all things in between in an interview.
She posted it to her Sound Cloud account in its entirety and I…