When I Met Guy Clark

As a Texas-based songwriter, it’s embarrassing to admit I had no idea who Guy Clark was up until two years ago. I was performing as a finalist in the 2015 Shiner Rising Star competition, and one of the judges - Ronnie Fauss - said my music "had a Guy Clark quality to it". I sincerely thanked him for his feedback that night, but the weight of his critique dawned on me later as I delved into a catalog of Guy’s music.


Thank you Ronnie for introducing me to Guy Clark.

Clark was a songwriter’s songwriter and Tamara Saviano points out in Without Getting Killed Or Caught that Bob Dylan named Guy as one of his most favorite songwriters. That’s cool!

If you’re a songwriter, and especially a Texas songwriter, do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of this book. It is inspiring and insightful as it unfurls the legend who was Guy Clark. Check out Songs And Stories too. It’s a great intro to a body of Guy’s music!

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