New Song and Video: "Old Beat Up Car"

This is a picture of my dad-in-law, Skip. It was taken at this cool place called Verde Camp in Austin, Texas. I caught a glimpse of it one day and it inspired this song in the video, Old Beat Up Car.

Joey McGee Musician Father-in-law
Charles "Skip" Young
My dad-in-law was a quite character. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he served in the Army during Vietnam and returned to spend a good part of his life hauling steel across the country in an 18-wheeler. His son-in-law, having lived in Pittsburgh for over fifteen years, was quite ready to move back to the South: he missed the things that are in abundance there: friendly faces, sunny skies - and good breakfast tacos (smile).

In 2007, my wife and I packed our things and moved to Texas - Skip in tow! He was elated about the move and in preparation set these three goals for himself: 

- Get a pair of cowboy boots.

- Get a pickup truck.

- Meet a señorita.

Unfortunately, Skip did not meet his señorita. But I am convinced that his last years, filled with Texas sunshine and a few friends, were good. He passed away near the Easter season a few years ago.

As we approach this Easter and celebrate the Risen One, I bless you with hope, peace, joy and the ability to overcome!

Peace, Love and Groove,



PS Click on the Old Beat Up Car link above or here for a free audio download of the song!

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