A Poem "Whither It Goes"

This was written by the poet Nathan Brown.
I thought of it after a conversation I had with a friend about music. 
In it, she lamented the fact that after much training, she couldn't play piano without sheet music.
Here's the poem in its entirety from Nathan's book Karma Crisis.


Chins slide off palms
in the halls of higher learning,
and the beautiful young grad student

squeaks and stammers her way 
through her paper on The Universality
of Place in the Poetry of Walt Whitman.

And the amber waves of her hair
look as if they might drown
in the sea of suggestions

she received from some professor
to put more words like “antinomian”
and “binary” in her presentation.

Such is the hegemonious enterprise
we carry on in the English Buildings
of the post-postmodern world.

And in the hot flush of her cheeks,
and the quivering confusion
of her quaking voice,

the crowd can do little more 
than watch her love of poems
begin to die.

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